KU Representation at OCMC

“This conference experience was unlike any other I’ve attended. I loved the focus on graduate work. I think this conference is a great way to get to know established and upcoming scholars in the field, and to know where the discipline’s research is going.”
– Abigail Kingsford, Communication Studies Masters Student

The Organizational Communication Mini Conference (OCMC) is a small
sub-disciplinary conference run by graduate students for graduate students. The purpose of the OCMC is to feature and support graduate students pursuing research about organizational communication. The two-day event provides burgeoning scholars in the field with the opportunity to present their dissertations, theses, and other research projects.  All presenters receive feedback, and socialize with peers and established Organizational Communication faculty across the nation.

KU Communication Studies graduate students Abigail Kingsford and Chris Melvin with Dr. Angela Gist attended this year’s OCMC hosted in Evanston, IL by Northwestern University.

At the conference, Abigail presented her thesis prospectus about how millennials are socialized into working. She found the conference really useful in directing the scope of her project. After numerous conversations during the poster session, she decided to switch her focus to include blue-collar workers as well as
white-collar workers to investigate the differences in assumptions about work between the two groups and how organizations helped to prepare them for their first full-time jobs. At first she was unsure about a few aspects of her project’s value before the conference, but she now credits the conversations with other professors and graduate students from other universities for building her confidence and invigorated her to be excited to keep going forward.

Though not presenting this year, Chris attended to see the presentations and network with other people in the discipline, and activity not to be undervalued!

OCMC was lasted hosted at the University of Kansas in 1998. We are proud to be part of this disciplinary tradition! Next year’s conference will be held at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Click here to find out more about OCMC 2016: http://ocmc2016.soc.northwestern.edu/

Below: Abigail Kingsford’s poster outlining her research